We provide comprehensive real estate development, acquisition and property management services. We manage the process from beginning- to -end:  identifying a site, navigating complex approval processes, creating problem solving manufacturing and warehousing solutions by working with the design and construction team. 

We set the standard for providing high-quality, productivity-enhancing commercial and industrial properties, and today own and manage best-in-class commercial, warehouse and distribution facilities along with a land inventory in excess of 350 acres.

Plexxar / Industrial Realty Group has been the market leader in industrial/ commercial real estate in Northwest El Paso, Texas, since our founding in 1995. We are the only local developer and throughly understand the El Paso/ regional real estate marketplace with excellent relationships with local government officials. 

Featured Land Parcels

Parcel 201

1 – 26.35 ACRES


Parcel 106

1- 6.2726 ACRES


Parcel 101

1- 7.748 ACRES


Parcel 102

1-26.092 ACRES